Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Importance of Easter to Me.

For me Easter is day of celebration- Without Jesus dying for my sins I won't be here today- I am thankful for His love, for His grace- His love is so perfect- and He was a perfect sacrifice-as God had laid down the rules for sacrifice in the old testament- only the perfect lamb could be killed as a sacrifice for the atonement for sins for the Israelites- a lamb WITHOUT blemish.

In the same way-Jesus the PERFECT and UNBLEMISHED lamb came to die for our sins- even before you came to be- God had seen you and seen me- he had died years ago for you and I.

I am thankful for His sacrifice- He did not have to die but He chose to because He loves you and I very much- name a person who will chose to die for you?? No one is willing to die for you unless there is something in return for them- Jesus did not want anything in return but for you and I to have eternal life...He loves unconditionally.

You know what- if you want to know what I am talking about- come to my church tomorrow- you will know by the time you walk out after our service- come in at 6.30PM for our concert and church celebration. I want people to see that living for Jesus is freedom- Look around you things are not getting any better- wake up- Jesus is coming!

Come to 878 Boynton Avenue, San Jose, CA and ask for me, Folau.

See you there! God bless you!

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