Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Christmas...the first of it:)

2009 is almost coming to a close. Thanksgiving has come and gone- what are you thankful for? Christmas is almost here- what is the meaning of Christmas to you? It is a day for the celebration of the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ. New Year is almost here- are you ready for 2010?

I don't know what to expect- of course I have high expectations- 2010-I can't wait- we have so many things planned- I am excited! I used to dislike January because it meant having to wait for 11months for Christmas- yup! love Christmas like my favorite everything:)

I like the Christmas atmosphere- its festive, its brings back sweet memories, fun family moments and of course the presents- remember its better to give than to receive - I never understood that for a long time- I thought receiving was more fun But every year that I have something for the younger brood it was just priceless to see their reaction Yup ours are very dramatic

Whatever Christmas means to you- I hope that you will have a wonderful Christmas and a very properous New Year!!

God bless!


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