Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One More Day And You will be 1 My Dear Niece, Jordyn Tupou McGehee!!

Hey there! Hope everyone is doing well:o) Time flies!! My niece is turning 1 tomorrow! Its seems like it was yesterday that she was born. My beautiful little niece Jordyn Tupou McGehee. She is just so precious. She is such a blessing. A little drama queen and a brilliant little girl and just a big personality for such a little! My husband calls her "my little hurricane" because of the mess she makes. My goodness now that she is walking she seems to take a liking to swiping everything off the!

One day after giving up on telling her to stop and I just watched her....not sure what was going on in that little head...she would just stand on the spot and then take things and threw it over her must bother her that things are in we have chaos to have peace?....not getting that! It is so funny how she only listens to my brother. The rest of us can talk and call her till we are hoarse and she will ignore us...but when it comes to Junior she will stand there  beside him without touching anything...its hilarious!! she will only do it if my brother gives her the! So her new thing now is talking on the phone. If the phone rings or she sees us talking on the phone...she will throw a tantrum till we give her the phone. She gets on the phone and says: "Hi pepi!" and "Bye pepi!" and then she hangs up on phone etiquette at all :o)

We love her and we are glad that she is part of our lives. We love you little brat!!

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