Monday, August 29, 2011

Life is Precious

GOD IS GOOD! It has been a while since I have blogged. You guessed it. It has been busy with doctors appointments, stress, emotional rollercoaster but still I am here:o). For that I am grateful to God for giving me the strength and for the breathe of life. If you have not realized it yet, the greatest gift is to be alive. Once you you lose that you are just a shell of yourself. This past few months has been a little harder to deal with.

Dealing with a loss of a friend or loved one is not exactly my area of expertise. It raises a lot of questions. Am I ready when my time comes? Of course I believe in heaven and I want to go there. I know I am far from being that perfect person that qualifies but my prayer is that I become a better person than I was yesterday. Makes me realize that you cannot live your life with your head in the clouds hoping that tragedy, loss and other unforeseen situations only happen to other people.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT. I have heard said many times, everyday you live brings you closer to your day. Like it or not it is the truth. But here is my point. Forgive if you have a grudge. Fix relationships and do right. We do not live forever where we can put off things like forgiveness. Regret is an ugly feeling. I have had regrets and I am trying to improve things in my life. Things like taking time just to chat to that friend. I had come back home and I was so exhausted and tired and I got a call from a friend. I decided to ignore that call and call back later because I just wanted to sleep. Never got to have that call later and never got to talk to him before he passed away. I regret that and I wish I would have just taken that time to talk. Something I do regret. May you rest in peace Jone Lali.

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