Monday, August 29, 2011

Update for the Family & Friends

It has been a stressful past few months but we are holding on in there. Where would we be without God? Thank you Jesus for being with us through all this.

The last time I was on a hormonal treatment with Herceptin. My situation turned from bad to worse very quickly. I was first initially diagnosed with breast cancer and sarcoma (muscle cancer) back in September of 2010. So I had chemo and surgery to deal with that. Somehow sarcoma seemed to have fallen through the cracks. The doctors thought they had gotten rid of the sarcoma, how wrong they were.

So all my treatment was geared towards breast cancer. All my meds were aimed at killing off the breast cancer but the sarcoma cells were still in my lungs. They had also biopsied my lung during my initial surgery and it was breast cancer thus the doctors thought that the sarcoma was gone. So my scans in May 2011 showed only 2 nodes, by the time I did my scan in July 2011 the nodes were inumerable. They could not could count it. I was experiencing breathing problems because these nodes were starting to press against my airway. They did another biopsy and this time it was positive for sarcome. My surgery site was starting to hurt again, the scans confirmed that the sarcoma was back and it was growing again.

So we are on a new treatment plan. Aggresive and I am already seeing results. THANK YOU JESUS!! They have put me on Adrimycin and Cytoxin. I have already lost my hair. Hubby helped cut off the remaining ones that were too stubborn to fall off. My breathing has improved. I do not need the oxygen as much as before. Still need a little help with walking but improving. My blood count has been low for a few months, it has improved so things are looking up. To top it off was when I had a negative report of a tumor on my pituitary gland. GOD IS GOOD. HE IS WORKING THINGS OUT IN HIS TIME.

I am thankful for the help and the support of my family and church family. Especially my Mom and Dad. Love you Mommy and Pa.

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