Friday, August 20, 2010

God is still in control!

No matter what happens I know my God is still in control! You know how we say we trust in God yet we try to find our own solution- that was me today! I am still in that learning curve:)  It is a revelation! I am trusting wholly in God and it is such a freedom!!! Felt like the whole load just fell off my back- God is working it out faster than I can ever manage:) I am glad that I still serve a GREAT and LIVING GOD- He can see and hear me! And I am glad that I can speak straight to Him!:)

Prayer is such a powerful things. Our family has been going through a lot- but prayer has been my source of strength. First my aunt (Mom's younger sis) was diagnosed with Leukemia back at home about 3 months ago. I got my own diagnosis which Stage 4 breast cancer about a month ago. My aunt passed away on August 19th 2010 (my b'day)- this has been such a hard thing for me to accept- but I am glad that she is not in any pain anymore.

Since finding out about my diagnosis I cannot tell you how much peace I have in my heart. I know I am going to be okay with God in control. I am so grateful for my church family. They have no idea how much it means to me when they tell me they have been praying for me:) I am grateful for my family- they have been there for me. Fear can be both consuming and distracting. It takes your focus away from what is important. I have so many families and friends that needs to know Jesus and know that He is real. You cannot keep Jesus in a box and only break Him out in an emergency. Been there done that. Everyday you live is a day closer to your time. That will be one less day for you to live- so live your life like it is your last day, forgive easily:) and love God with all your heart.

God bless!

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