Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflecting Back on how 2010 Was & Looking Forward to 2011

2010 started out promising and it is also ending with a great note. Looking back we cannot have gotten through without the love and grace of God. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE. We have a great support system and God had purposely put people in our lives and that has been a great blessing. We have a supportive family and a praying and caring church family, Pastor and Pastor's wife and Bishop and Sis Bobbie (Sis Bobbie love you!!! You are a blessing in my life) and just a great group of friends. I am grateful and thankful for that. Family and friends that has stood by us through thick and thin.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who has made 2010 memorable for us. Forgive me if I missed you in my list...that will be my excuse "chemobrain" (keeping it!)

-Mom & Pa: Thank you for being there for us. We love you!!

-Momo B & Nei Lewa (my in-laws): Thank you being there for are a blessing and the best:)

-Na Lia: Thanks for all you do....looking forward to 2011...hope you come back to church with me:)

-Tui: To my only sister....Thanks for being there for me. Thanks for getting things going at Stanford. I appreciate it they call me the VIP patient at the ITA...hahahaha! and they spoil me!! I am not complaining about that:) You have always been the one asking my Drs other brain when mine is not functioning:) I love you my my biggest wish for you is to come and know Jesus like we have experienced.

-Ju: My only brother. Thanks for being there little bro. You have grown a little mature:) and I am glad to see that God has His hand upon you. Without God you cannot accomplish anything. Always good to have Him on your side. We love you Ju!

-Tua Cama: thanks for being there though you drive me nuts sometimes:) We love you Tua!!!

-Tikolutus- Where do I start?? God has blessed us with your family- our second family:) Your family has taught us a lot about holding on- that this is only for a season...we thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. We are so thankful and grateful for your family. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless you and your ministry.

-Drodrolagis- We are so thankful for your family. Our second family with a big heart and love for God:) Been there for us when we needed you and we are so grateful to have people like you in our lives. May God continue to bless you in the coming years.

-Our Pastor: Pastor J. Shoemake and Sis Tasha- Thank you for always lifting us up in prayer. We greatly appreciate all your prayers and words of encouragement. It has helped us get through the tough times. May God continue to bless your family! We love and appreaciate you!

-Our Bishop: Bishop Shoemake and Sis Bobbie: We appreciate that you are always praying for us. Sis Bobbie thanks for your words of encouragement and prayers. We love you!!

- My church family (my church:First Church of San Jose:))- Thank you for all your prayers, words of encouragement and support. We would not have the strength to be going through this without your prayers.

-Our Care Pastor: Bro S. Hassas & Sis Monica: Thank for your for your prayers and support and for always checking in on me:) Love you guys and may God continue to bless you in every aspect of your lives:) Go Mrs Darcy!!!

-Sis Vicky: I am so glad I have a friend like you:) I mean that- You know exactly what I am going through:) It makes it bearable when I have a friend going through the same thing as me:) I thank God for you:) You are one of the strongest women I know. You have taught me how to take it as it comes and to smile and bear it even though I feel like crying at a drop of a hat...LOL!!! To have a friend like you is a blessing!!! My you said 2011 is our year!!! I am believing that with you. I am still believing for our miracle. Things are starting to turn around....God is faithful!! I love you my friend!!!

-To all our friends and extended family: There's too many to all of you that has been praying for us and sending us notes of encouragement...thank you for doing did not have to do that but you did and we are thankful that you did:) We can never have enough prayer:) We pray that God would bless each and everyone of you in the coming year.

-To everyone that has made 2010 memorable for us, please know that we love and appreciate you and we pray that God will bless you.

I am excited and looking forward to 2011. It is the year of possibilities, miracles and great things!!!

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year Everyone!!! God Bless!!!

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