Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Morning:) I am Blessed!!!

Blessed with the preaching last night. Blessed to have a great Pastor. Isn't it amazing that the word of God is always the right one for your situation? GOD IS GOOD!!!

I am ready to start the week. I have an early start this morning. Not exactly looking forward to today's appointment. It has been a rollercoaster ride for me but I am trusting in God to see me through. They had ordered genetic testing on me about 3-4weeks ago to find out why I am having different cancers at a young age. Breast cancer and Spindle Cell Sarcoma are the two that we are dealing with.

My results came back the day before Thanksgiving and I tested positive for the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. This means I am at a high risk of getting more cancers because of a mutation in a gene that we all have called the TP53. They have told me that there's nothing they can do because this gene is in every cell but let me tell you my God is still in control. Thank you Sis Vicky for always reminding me of this! You have and continue to be a great friend and listener through all this and I appreciate that very much.

So here I am...waiting for what treatment plan they have for me. God has seen us through so many things and this is just another bump on the road.

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