Sunday, October 30, 2011

Making Progress & Discovering New Things. Thank you Jesus!

It has been a while and so nice to be back. Since my last blog I have made a discovery with the help of a couple of people:o). Just something to aid with my treatment and recovery. Alternative medicine. I have only heard about it and just recently gotten a book from a church member who was looking into it. Very interesting stuff but it made sense. So my husband who is very supportive of it is helping me out with it. The more research I do, the more it made sense. A lot of information is available on the web.

I am doing this in addition to my treatment. I have a weak immune system like most cancer patients because of the chemotherapy and this does not help me fight off the colds and those nasty sickness. So it talks about eating the right kind of foods to strengthen your immune system and avoiding some foods that will feed the cancer.

Things to avoid: Refined sugar, refined flours, oils, most dairy products, aspartame (sugar substitute and used in a lot of diet sodas) to name a few.
Things to eat: Greens (kale, broccoli) Berries (antioxidants), Tumeric, etc

I prefer to keep my oncologist and NP in the loop so that whatever natural remedies I am trying does not counteract with my current medications. So far they have agreed that it is okay with me to take Essaic tea or ojibwa tea. It has some anti-cancer properties, taken like any other tea once a day. I actually like the taste:o)

Another thing that I am taking is a mixture of organic cottage cheese, flax seed oil and ground flax seed, also taken once a day. I went to a store in North SJ called Bee Hive and got a banana & strawberry flavored flaxseed oil:o) tasted like smoothie I could just drink it like that haha!. You should check it out especially if you know someone who is sick. The lady there, her name is Lydia. She has a lot of information on supplements for cancer patients. They are very knowledgeable on a lot natural remedies. Here is their website:

I have only been doing this for a few days and I feel a difference in my energy level. The funny thing is when I take my medications from the hospital I feel nauseous, when I am on the natural stuff I feel fine. I don't have the pain and aches. I do want to stop taking all this medications but it is a process. I do understand that this is a lifestyle change. It is just not to recover and go back to old habits. It was kinda hard for me to stomach that haha! I love my island food :o) Only in a very small moderation- very small unfortunately:oP

We were also looking into juicing. Heard a lot of good things about it. Found a good and cheap deal on craigslist for a juicer. Hubby started last night and I had a taste test. He made orange and carrot juice- it was good. He made my first one this morning. Oranges, apples and carrots. DELISH! I got some recipes online for the green juice (veges).

All done!! :o)

Essaic tea or Ojibwa tea taken once a day. It also comes in capsules.

I figured if I want to get well I also need to help myself and I am glad that I was given this information:o)


  1. I'm missing you terribly:( But I know you are in a better place:) I love you Folau.


  2. The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!