Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Accessing my Mediport

This is what the nurses do to blood draws and administer chemotherapy. I have had mine since 2007 and its a! I absolutely dislike needles but since this is a normal routine I have had to suck it up like a big! Don't mind the double chin it was a souvenir left behind from 6 months of taking!

It is now 9.54PM and my temperature is back at 101.8. I called the oncologist on call giving him a bright and shining report and that it was just a spike in my temperature. He was not buying it all so off I go to the ER and then admission for a few days...hmmmmm...just a day in my exciting life :o) Geez I just got released this past Monday, I think they miss me over there :o) Just had dinner and about to pack and leave.

See yah later alligator~~~ :o) (I know I can be!)


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