Friday, June 24, 2011


I was discharged from Stanford Hospital at about 6pm. I went in the night before because of a fever. I was in the ER and had to wear mask so that I don't catch anything. Knowing me I just love to catch it all!! I don't discriminate...hahaha! Come one, come all...okay I am killing! So anyway the visit to the ER was okay.

I like to people watch. So while we were sitting in the waiting room there was a bunch of college boys sitting in the corner just so engrossed in whatever they were doing. Two were on the internet, one was reading and the other one was playing games on his phone. Facing them was this one young girl, I think she was waiting for someone. Dressed in workout clothes and was on her phone doing some things but now and again she would sneak a peek at these guys.Then she would get up and walk around and then look at these guys and then she would come back and sit! It was just so hilarious because I think she wanted to be noticed but the guys were just too busy to look her way! Of course I would elbow! At the ER they have these windows in the hallway that you could look into the ER waiting room. She walks out of the ER waiting room and walks by the window and looks into the window by where the guys were but no one was paying attention. Poor!

So they admitted me, my nurse was Richard. Just so flamboyant and all over the place. He said he used to be an oncology nurse. So he was going to get my port in the first try. And he did. He said they needed blood from my veins. I never used to have a problem with that until my veins decided to disappear from time to time. It has become a hide-n-go seek game whenever we do that. Only special people can locate my! First try he got it, so I gotta give it to him. He walks his talk!
Stayed in the ER for about 5hours. Transferred at about 6am to my room. You really can't get enough rest in the hospital. You are constantly being woken up to take pills, take vitals, do tests, go for x-rays....So I am always glad to come home. I am not gonna lie...I always ask on the first day when I am going to go home...yes that bad. As soon as I get discharge papers you best believe my tail will be out of there in 15minutes flat...Dressed and packed and fastwalking down that hallway to the parking!

My stay was not so bad I was just restless and tired and they had me on so much fluid that I was going every hour to the bathroom till this morning. So I barely slept.   So happy to be home and waking up this morning in my own bed. Hoping this weekend is a little more relaxing with less drama and no visits to the ER.


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