Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Here's To Good Health

Top of the morning to yah! Let me see...I am happy to be alive this morning and I am enjoying a moment of being cool, calm and collected...lol!

I really miss just being normal. You know temperatures not exceeding 100F and no chills in the middle of the day. Everyone is trying to cool down because of the heat and I need the heater on. I spent a day with Mom last week. While she was sewing I was sitting in the recliner with two blankets totally covered (yes even my head) lol! and I was still shivering. I slept it off within about 2 hours I started getting warm again so I took the blanket down to my chin and then finally got rid of it when I was warner. By the evening I was on a hotflash rampage. Mom wanted the door closed because it was getting cooler and I wanted it open, you guessed it...I was hot! Such is my life with all this medications I am on. 

I do miss a lot of things that I used to take for granted. Some more than others. Its like a guessing game sometimes ;o) I am a quick learner! lol! I think in my case it was harder for my accept that this was out of my hands. I could not change it or just simply turn away from it. I know God is still faithful and He will see me through this. 

Oh how about this...just be spontaneous and just going wherever you want to go. I miss that:o) or just trying out new things just for the heck of it....lol! I miss a lot of things but I know this is all for me to get better. I do understand that.

Things I will not miss are as follows: fatigue, having a sucky immune system, nausea, stomach issues, headaches, being a catcher of all flus and virus (lol!) blood transfusions, chemo, surgeries, doctors visits, blood tests, shots, hospital stays, ER visits, scans, x-rays, taking pills, sleepless nights, hotflashes, chills, fevers, hair loss, nail and skin changes, running nose, coughs, chest pain, bone pain..... (even I was surprised how long the list went...lol!)

Good health is my first priority. Good health is so priceless. Just ask me and any other sick person. If you have good health do not take it for granted and think that it will never happen to you. With cancer cases you can never be completely be out of the woods. Your care providers have an invisible leash on yah..lol! but for your own good and their experimentation (yes you are a guinea pig)..lol! I am looking forward to what the future will bring. I really am :o)

Have a good one!

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