Thursday, June 16, 2011

Top of the morning to yah!

Good morning all! I know it has been a while since I have posted in my blog...I know I suck at being a! No need to tell me...the first step is admitting the problem :o) Last week I was just feeling kind of bleh...I felt so tired...wait fatigue would be the better word. It was like going through the first few months of chemo again. I totally hated disliked it but I am managing now. So I have been taking my vitamin pills faithfully....did I mention I just love (NOT) taking any type of pills. I still have yet to try Sis Tasha's miracle green powder.

I am taking Centrum Ultra Women and Caltrate also for horses  women....geez this pills are seriously for horses..they are huge and I feel like taking one everyday is like playing russian roulette with my precious life (don't read too much into that..I am just being dramatic) But on a brighter note my pill count has decreased dramatically. Thank you Jesus! Whew! So here are my weapons of assault:

Clindmycin (I will tell you why later) for infection side effect: diarrhea
Centrum (horse pills) for Vitamins side effect: constipation
Caltrate (horse pills) for Vit D and Calcium side effect: constipation
Anastrozole (for breast cancer side effect: hot flashes)
Odensetron (for nausea side effects: dizzy, sleepyness, drowsiness and constipation)
Oxycodone (for pain side effect: constipation)
Kadian (aka morphine for extended pain relief side effect: constipation)

*This morning I skipped pain meds....I am not in pain*

That's my line up for now. Can you believe I wrote all those without looking at the labels (ok I peeked at the vitamin bottles)...hmmm I should work at the pharmacy after this is done...whaddayathunk?!

Like I said I absolutely dislike taking pills. It came just about the time I started with the cancer treatment. I would scare myself silly reading the side effects and then justify not taking it. It throws your system into a word BENEFIBER...will be your bosom buddy..'nuff said....I rest my case.

So today I am highly excited...for no apparent reason...I have infusion (the word my oncologist uses for milder medicines...hhhmm still pondering that one) today in about 2 hours...goshdarn it I wanted to do something else...since my health depends on it, I can't cancel. As a great patient you best believe even if my life did not depend on it I will still not go *smiles* yup they adore me!

Let me explain myself and those of you who have been through this will understand where I am coming from. When you see the doctors so many times you do get tired of I do play the cat and mouse with my doctor's office sometimes...I do get tired and to top it off is when you have a feeling it will be bad news when they call you in.

But I am back in good behavior and so today I am going to suck it up, go to my appointment and take this infusion like a grown women.*I feel I should have background music playing for that earth shattering statement* salute please...I kid I!

Have a good one! God bless.

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