Saturday, March 12, 2011


Wow!!! So many things happening around the world...trouble in Egypt, earthquake in New Zealand, Japan and Indonesia, tsunamis in numerous places....Jesus come back soon!! I am glad that I believe in a great God and that I have His peace. His word says in Phil. 4:7 that His peace surpasses all understanding. Its getting worse...I am glad that my trust is in you.

Just read the status on Francis' (Varanisese Drodrolagi) facebook page about separation and holiness. So proud of you girl!! I am thankful that we still have parents and First Church of San Jose who still raise godly young men and women. It is so easy to be out there in the world. Do whatever you please and not live up to any standards. Can't question me on that...I know so. Does not mean we are perfect...our God is. My flaws are numerous...still working on them.

Making a choice to live for God- I have never regretted it. I see how it makes a person better. My husband has become a better person through God's word and God's work in his life. A lot of people did not think he could ever change because he was hard headed and set in his ways. Only my Jesus can do that! So in your face devil!

I am thankful for my carepastors, Bro Sam and Sis Monica Hassas- can I just say- awesome!! That post and I quote by Bro Sam "God made planets.This cancer stuff is easy" just puts things in perspective. Thanks Moni for your post! I cried when I read that. I know and believe that God will heal me. Its like something that is branded in my mind but to think of what Bro Sam posted in Sis Caballero's page it floored me because my God is GREAT!!! He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Ancient of days, the creator of this earth and etc- so what is cancer to Him? Ooohhh Thank you Jesus!!! That builds up my faith.

Sis Vickie 2011 is still our year my friend!

Have a great Saturday everyone! God bless!


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