Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back in the race...:)

So I have been pushing out all my appointments and avoiding calls. I just needed time to recover both physically and mentally. It was getting to be one thing after another and I felt like I was going to drown in the sea of medical problems...good lord give me a break! So I took a break and I am glad I did. Now I feel ready to take over the so I tthought.

I went on Tuesday to do my scans. First up was my bone scan. Injection at 10.45am and 2.55pm scan. Did I mention I ABSOLUTELY HATE NEEDLES!!!. I hated it before and then I got used to it and now I hate it with a passion!. Recently the nurses have been having a hard time finding my veins and getting the needle into my port. So its either a hit or a miss. If its a miss we have to keep trying till we get it. Kudos to those nurses that hit with the first poke. You rock!!!

My last appointment was a breast MRI. Different from a mammogram and less uncomfortable. But I was in pain because when doing the breast MRI you are lying on your stomach and once inside the machine your weight is supported by your ribs. I have 2 ribs less on my left side, they had removed it because the tumor was above it. I am still healing from that so I was wishing for pain pills. To top it off the whole exam was 45mins. So I was in that position for 45mins. I was just about to press the emergency buzzer. I was praying  the exam would end soon. I endured...thank you Jesus! While in pain I was debating whether to press that buzzer. I knew if I did it would mean redoing the torture again but just at a different location...urrrghh! So had to suck it up and get with the program. Once that scan was done, got up from that machine and walked away like I got kicked in the ribs...hahahahaha! Crap it did hurt! Gotta keep that smile on:)

Feeling a little sick this afternoon. Runny nose and upset stomach. Panicked a little because of the cramps but okay now. I am not looking forward to my appointment tomorrow. I will be seeing Dr Warpner who is a Breast Surgeon and Oncologist. I am a little nervous because I don't want to do another surgery. My first surgery was done by Dr Richard White who is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon and in my opinion is the best:) He knows what he is doing and a great human being:) Hubby's favourite Dr out of all the Drs that I see.

So not thrilled about seeing Dr Warpner. I really don't know if I can do another surgery again. I mean dang this last surgery was almost a killer literally.  So if I could avoid surgery I will. I am barely just back on my feet and have not been taking any pain meds:) My reason to celebrate:) I know I will be starting chemo again. Hoping it is just for maintenance and nothing crazy. hair is just growing back, it would suck to lose it again.

All in all I am hoping I am making the right decisions on my treatment. Just another bump in the road. Just gotta get through it:)

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