Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Niece Jordyn's Little Antics...:)

Yay! Wednesday!!! Looking forward to the service this evening. I have been back at home for the past 3 days. Feel like I am getting my strength back- Thank you Jesus! Miss my niece...we went to see her yesterday. Mom treated us to lunch. Had some awesome Indian food and spent time with my family. Jordyn was drama as does not stop. Indian food is spicy but she wanted it anyway. Mom cut up little pieces and put it on her plate...mind you, girly just turned 10! She only has 2 and half teeth...she went ahead and started eating the spicy chicken...oh my word she had tears running down her face..she started coughing but no crying from my little Mom gave her some water and some naan but baby girl wanted the spicy chicken :D So funny!!!

A few weeks ago I had given her some Sprite, since Jordyn has not tried soda before she did not know what was about to hit her....I gave her some soda and she gulped it down. As soon as the fizz hit, her expressions were hilarious.....she was blinking fast and she was smacking her lips together....hahahahaha! Her little eyes started getting! Needless to say she wanted this time food over rules everything else. If you have food, you will be a friend instantly....LOL! She will give you her widest smile...hahahahaha! After about the 4th time she drank the soda...when I offered it to her again she wouldn't open her mouth. She looked at me and shook her was hilarious! I guess the soda won this time! lol!

She has started walking and we have to run around and catch up with her. She is already going up the stairs...and already figured out how to come down just as fast. She can say a few words that just cracks me up. She started with "Pop it" translation: Stop it. She does "No no no" and shakes her little index finger at she has attitude too. Last week she was playing with her Mom and she smacked her Mom on the face.  Tui looked at Jordyn and said "Stop it. That hurts" Baby girl started giggling. They kept playing and Jordyn stuck her fingers in her Mom's mouth, my sister bit down on her fingers...Jordyn made an angry face and said to her Mom "Pop it, it hur!" It was so funny! This girl is something else. Will be posting up picture in the future. She is such a blessing! Always brightens up my day. She loves coming to my room at my Mom's house because she knows I have food and juice:) Love this little girl....she is just growing up too fast!

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