Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Do All Good Things Come To An End...RIP Andrew

Reconnected with one of my friends from work. Before I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time I was managing one of the branches of a dental corp. That is where I met my co-worker/friend Jo. She is one of those chicks from the hood, a little rough around the edges but with a good heart. This girl is a little crazy but a sweetheart.

The first day I met this chick she gave me a rundown of the scandalous things happening at the office. I was like...wait a minute you don't even know me that! How right she was! So my girl quit and went back to the motherland for vacation. But before she left she came by the office with her boyfriend at that time Andrew to give us the good news that they were expecting. We were all happy with the news. Jo and Drew were beaming...can't stop smiling:) After all the excitement, looking back now little did we know that was the last time we were going to see Drew. For the short time I knew Drew he was such a sweet guy. Very well spoken and just a nice demeanour.

A few days ago I reconnected with my girl Jo on Facebook and she called me. She told me that Drew had passed away on January 12th at Stanford Hospital. I could hear the pain through her tears as she told me about losing Drew. I wish I could give her hug over the phone. I can't imagine losing your significant other, your best friend and the father of your unborn child. My heart breaks for my friend for the pain she has to endure. Baby Andrew was born a little over a month after his Dad had passed away. My heart goes out to him and his Mom. Jo you are  strong woman!!! I believe that with all my heart. You are in my prayers always girl!! It was so good talking to you again, I wish we had known that Drew was sick and come to visit since I was a regular at Stanford around that time having my treatments.

Jo you promised a get together, so I am holding you to that....I know you are walking around in PJs and just hanging with Baby Andrew:) so giving you time girl. I love you girl and I am here if you need me.

Losing someone close to you is always so painful. It takes getting used to not seeing the person anymore. All we have are memories and countless wishes. Wishing to see them one more time, wishing to undo the wrongs, wishing we could buy more time, wishing we had been a better friend, a better husband, a better wife, a better sister, a better brother, a better parent and a better ...... and the list goes on.

 Life is so fleeting. More so with all the natural disasters happening and wars breaking out. Treasure your family and friends. Not to be a voice a never know that might be the last time you will be seeing them. I have been thinking about my friend's situation and how they did not expect to lose Drew. As much as we would like to hold on, death is something inevitable. Many are afraid of it because its an unknown and we tend to fear the unknown. I am glad that death is just a beginning of another journey with Jesus and not the end.


My friend Jo and Drew. Rest in Peace Andrew! You would have made a great Dad! Baby Andrew is such a handsome boy:)

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  1. wow must be tough on your friend. sorry for her loss. can you just imagine giving birth and knowing that your baby daddy won't get a chance to meet your baby. great blog