Friday, November 12, 2010

Precious Kid

My nephew looked at me and did not know what to say when he saw I had his haircut:) poor kid!!  He kept asking "Nana where's your hair? and then came the "Why..." questions- My Dad calls his grandson MR.WHY... and I wonder why...

If you have not met my precious nephew- his name is William, he is 5 (his pic is in one of my blogs) He can literally talk your ears off. He has a very unique talent- he can talk and join different topics without pausing for your input. He is a one man show- wait a one- boy talking wonder:) My brother used to have the same problem when he was younger- but his little things was he was he would ask the questions that he already knew the answer was one thing that got on my Dad's

Willy started kindergarten recently and he has been learning a lot...So he knows how to write his letters and numbers and other good stuff- but the way he explains how to write his letters blows me away for the letter "A" he would say draw a slanted line, draw a slanted line and then draw a horizontal line...and then he would explain trapezium and curved lines and the!!! I am glad he is learning.

Sometimes I do miss days when things were so simple- being an adult is a lot of responsibilities:)

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