Saturday, November 13, 2010

So Good To Be Alive

So glad to be alive and breathing- thank you Jesus!!....A big thank you to the Tikolutus for taking us out last night- we had a great time:) that cuppacino mousse cake was a "killer" in a good way!!! Well worth it!!! (but we are ok- inside joke..LOL!!)

I have chemo coming up early next week so I am enjoying the 2-3 days which are side effects free- that is less nausea and less upset stomach compared to the days after chemo.

I am getting the hang of this- it was getting pretty rough at first because I did not know how I would react to the chemo- but I am figuring it out- slowly but surely I will get back to the land of the! Trying out new things to up my energy...none working yet... I welcome suggestions:) I thought I was going to be a pro at this because this is the second time I am going through this- how wrong I was- this time it is a much different regiment and also treating a different cancer. I am getting there...

So today I am all around town with as much energy as I can watch out world- I will be in bed probably by!! Looking forward to tomorrow's service.

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