Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Cooking

My other favorite part of Thanksgiving is the eating part..lol:) I think I will try some new recipes this year because I am in charge of the side dishes.. maybe I should stick to the usual...thinking good old corn bread stuffing, green beans and the works,  roasted sweet potatoes and veges, mashed potatoes...  My aunt has dessert down....can't go wrong with pumpkin and pecan pie..I like mine with ice-cream need to pop a pill for this..lol! think lactose intolerant. Hubby has been going on about pumpkin cheesecake...we'll see...

I remember attempting my first Thanksgiving dinner years ago. The turkey looked so perfect on the outside but it was raw..it was a Disaster!!! My family had to wait longer to eat..lol...I have learnt my lesson. My mother-in-law on the other hand makes a mean Thanksgiving meal...I mean from scratch...and she makes these baked potatoes with veges...to die for!!! I still need that recipe:)

I love to cook and looking for recipes is like a new hobby now..lol..one of the nurses mentioned to me that she has met a lot of patients who are into cooking and just watching cooking shows when in the chair. I guess its because we can't eat most of it we just like to look at it :) How ironic:) I am hoping my tastebuds return to normal on Thanksgiving..lol! One can dream!! :)

Have a Great Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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