Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Tuesday......

Having a quiet day today...tomorrow is off to chemo- stomach is settling down today so it is a relief:) Have been taking walks in the morning so that has kind of upped my energy...:)Since doing radiation and chemo my legs and joints have been nothing but achy- so the first day of the walk was tiring but I had more energy was I was done- so pleasantly surprised:) It was such a nice and lovely morning to take a walk:) It was just nice to walk and be thankful for such a nice day. To just be alive another day is a gift!!

Yesterday nausea kinda sneaked up on me- never had it that bad where I actually wanted to throw up- took meds and it helped a little and the episode passed within a few hours. I am ready today...kinda learn as you go. And now to more interesting things...lol:)

I am now fascinated with hats...and scarves..lol....so looking a ways to tie them and make them work with an outfit. Sis Cindy and Bea got me the cutest hats-THANK YOU I LOVE IT!!!  You ladies are too sweet & I love you!!! The colors are right on!!!! I love em.....check them out!!!! I gotta find the outfit to go with them:) It has the cutest flowers on the side:)
I MEAN HOW CUTE ARE THESE??!!  Love em!!!!

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