Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Having a blah day today- meds suck!!!- I have been missing Fiji a lot lately- never had that happen in a long time. There's a difference between what you want and what you! Feeling the tiredness and fatigue from all this treatment. I am glad that things are starting to improve. Oh what I would give for good health- if you have good health- THANK GOD for that!! No amount of money in the world can buy you that. I appreciate all the prayers and support- Thank you Jesus for great family and friends!!!

Always at the right time there's always a hug and word of encouragement. I have faith and I know that God has healed me- I am just on that path to recovery- its not an easy one though- gotta smile, grin and bear it:-D that's the way to

Already finished second cycle- third cycle of chemo coming up again- just when you recover you are back on it....not fun. I am so glad I have capable nurses and doctors that look after me and a godsent social worker Ms B Bravo. God always gives the best!! I have just cut my hair on Sunday night- actually the hubs gave me a buzz cut- he didn't want to do it but gotta do what we gotta do- so now I am Ms Baldness to the fullness- of course I miss my hair- my head is colder, gotta wear a hat at night to keep my head in a day's work. I need to give away my hairspray! won't need them for a while.

I think this time around I am choosing scarves and hats over wigs...I hated the itchiness the last time and the feeling that it was going to fly right off my it!!! They have so many adorable scarves now and hats that also keep my ears warm- BONUS!! I hate being cold!!! What else has changed- well a lot lately....

One thing I wish for- more ENERGY!!! if it came in a bottle I would take one a day- well maybe ten:) Most of what is out there I can't take- if you have any suggestions feel free to drop me a line. I am now drinking some mix of vege and fruit smoothie- started today- not fun but gotta do it!!! I feel full from it but burping like crazy:P

Another fun thing has been happening- its called "chemo brain"-  2 words: brain fart. So I went into a store to buy something and it is right there in front of my face. I am trying to describe to the lady what I want and the words would not come out- I had my had my hand gestures going on and all but I could get out the name of that thing- she just looked at me and smiled- its like you know what you want but it just takes longer for your brain to process the information. I am on my way to aging full speed!!! Treasure your youth and your sound mind:)

Ladies- hot flashes!!! coming your my young and youthful friends- when that time comes around- get ready with fans and cool towels- it creeps up on!!! Hubs is having fun with this- has his blankets all the way up to his head and I have the fans!!!

My hubby is a sweetheart and I love him to bits and pieces!! He has been supportive through all this- prays for me, takes care of me, puts up with me and encourages me. Thank you Jesus for my husband!!

That's all for now- Just thought I would kinda let you in on what's been going on in my life....

God bless!!!

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  1. you are a strong girl... i know u since our childhood days and u have always faught for the best.. so i know u will come through this smiling .. we love you!!!!